Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Side by Side

I just got up to head to the bathroom and asked Jason how his analysis was going when I realized...I have known this was coming of course...but in less than two weeks that will be no more.

For the last 5+ years Jason and I have worked side by side. Same university, same professor, same experiment, same office...you see what I'm saying. Most married couples when we tell them that this is what our lives are, look at us like we are crazy. However, it wasn't so un-normal for us. When we started dating we were friends and spent tons of time together and we met within the physics field so likely that our interests would be similar.

But oh how it's going to change. And I'm going to miss him.

My dad says that now, we'll be able to come home and tell each other about our day since we won't be living the same day. Which is true and that will be nice. But still.....I don't know, it's just going to be very strange.

He's thrilled (I think) because my usual get up to go to the bathroom might also include me flicking his ear...which I say, I'm going to do it every time...so duck. :-)

Tonight is 8 mile General Aerobic. It's about 90 degrees here, so our plan to run at the lab (ala...no shade and no water) has been moved to a run on the lakefront path.

Oh yeah....and in about 12 days...probably no more runs done at the lab. Shit. It's all going to change. For the better I think.

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Firefly's Running said...

Life is all about changes. Jason's changes will be AWESOME and work out much better than you have EVER imagined. Plus you will both grow from it too.

Nice run!