Sunday, August 05, 2007

Lollapalooza 2007 - Day 2

Well day two was another busy one filled with known and unknown music. This concert is so super fun....alright here we go.

We got to the concert around 1pm to catch Pete Yorn. On the way to the Pete Yorn stage we passed a stage where Ryan Shaw was playing. I have no idea who that was, but had a good sound for sure. What's awesome about this concert is you are just walking around and it's like...wait that sounds good...what is it? Very cool. Anyways...Pete Yorn. Gary (who also gave us the tickets) gave me a Pete Yorn CD many years ago...which had it been a record I would have played grooves into it. It was one of my favorites and I played it all the time so I was really excited to see him live. He had a great set and has a high cool factor look :-) He played a couple songs off that first album musicforthemorningafter. Another song I think called The Man or something which was very good.

Towards the end of his show we headed across the fair to see the 90s band Silverchair. They were quite the rockers and had a good show. Nothing too memorable though.

BUT THEN...then I thought maybe we would like to see the band described in the Program as "so punk they self released their first album twice". So it was across the field to see Motion City Soundtrack...who were so so super fun. They had a great show and had the look of recently playing in a parents basement, probably not quite true...but they were really good and they got me hooked. I love this concert for the way wide variety of stuff that we saw.

After this Motion City Soundtrack funness we headed back over to the addidas stage to wait for Regina Spektor to play. We have been a fan of hers for awhile, first hearing her on the Steve Dahl radio show. Very different and kinda strange...but good all the same. Check out her songs Fidelity & On the Radio for an idea of her stuff. So we heard The Roots who were playing across the field while we waiting about 5 people back from center stage for Regina. And she way didn't disappoint. She was just her...using a piano, guitar, her finger on the mic, a drumstick on chair, her voice to make all the sounds and noises. When she came out she had a look like she couldn't believe there were that many people there to see her. She looked very gracious and appreciative of the audience. While in the middle of one of her songs she suddenly stopped and said, "Is someone sick out there.....stop everything" and had security come out to the crowd to get a girl who was passing out amid the masses. One of her songs had a great line, "my neighbors are fucking to my song" that the point where you go...I might have made it :-). Anyways, she was really amazing and just as good live as her album. Oh and she's on Jason's "list".

After her show we transversed the field a little bit and listened to Snow Patrol. Jason realized he liked them a lot better than he thought he would. When we were in London last year we were staying in this super shady although cheap hotel and caught some documentary on this fun looking band....I think that Snow Patrol was then famous about two seconds after we got off the plane in Chicago, but I always mention that I saw them on that little TV in that shady hotel for the first time.

After this show there was a choice. Stay for Patti Smith and then have close access to Interpol which were both in the same field that we were in....or walk back over to the other two stages to see Spoon...but then back for Interpol since we wanted to see them. We opted for option 1 because it allowed us to buy a bottle of wine and sit in the grass and drink...and talk politics, spirituality or lack there of, friends, parents, running. Just an evening I'll probably always remember, "kids, one summer your dad and I were at Lollapalooza had no money but bought a bottle of wine that was too expensive anyways and sat in Grant Park in the rain and laughed and argued and agreed and talked about the future" Just a nice evening. We watched Patti Smith who was pretty good. We don't have any of her music, but we realize (like with most of the bands that we saw that day...that we should).

After that show, we again just moved across the field to see Interpol....who were awesome. I texted Barb at this point to find out that they were at home hanging out. So we lugged our semi drunk selves over there and there *might* have been a letting out of my Crazy... but what are friends for if you can't show them the Crazy once in awhile.

Then it was on the Chicago Ave bus...and a crash into bed. One more day to go with another full lineup including Rodrigo y Gabriela, Amy Winehouse, Iggy & the Stooges, Modest Mouse and the big headliner.....everyone's favorite Alternative band....Pearl Jam.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun concert

Hope your hamstring is doing better.

Firefly's Running said...

Sounds like fun, Leah. Enjoy!

Gary said...

I'll burn you a bunch of Patti Smith I have albums 1, 3 and 4 which are her best (sorry fans of Radio Ethopia).

Remember - when I force Radiohead on Scott - remind him what really excellent musical taste I have.

Now - go out and listen to Grizzly Bear, Califone, Tortoise, Amy Winehouse, and Battles - you can thank me in the morning.



Scott said...

Hey kids...sounds like a perfect summer day/night in the big city. Oh, and Gary, HEY, it's only rock and roll.

Laura said...

Lollapalooza sounds a lot like Memphis in May Music Fest, except Music Fest has a huge wide variety of artistic genres (everything from James Brown, who came the year before he died, to Barenaked Ladies, to Three Six Mafia!) So much fun!

LeahC said...

Lollapalooza also has a huge variety of music....from The Roots to Regina Spektor to Patti Smith to Iggy Pop & the Stooges

Gary said...

But - where is Radiohead?

mouse said...

You got to see P. Yo? i'm so jealous! I went through a "phase" where I would listen to nothing but the nightcrawler album for like, 2 months straight.

lemme know if you want me to burn y'alls some music. I have a bunch of the people you heard today, if you don't have their albums.