Saturday, August 11, 2007

Back in the Thick

Well well well. How much to update? How about quickly using bullets.
  • We ran last week on Wednesday what was supposed to be 14 miles. I ended at 5 with a very sore hamstring.
  • I didn't run at all for about 5 days.
  • We did walk around and stand at Lollapalooza for 3 days straight however, which I am going to call cross training.
  • On saturday I turned into Leah circa 2002
  • I yelled a lot at my Dad and Jason
  • I cried on the phone with my mom
  • We only slept 4-5 hours a night for about a week and didn't eat or drink much of anything, due to an assignment Jason was working on (it's a secret).
  • On Tuesday I decided to test my leg on a simple 5 mile run. The good news is the leg felt great, but I couldn't get my heart under control. It was about a billion degrees out and I was worried I was going to have a stroke, I ran 2 miles and then walk/ran home...mostly walking by the end.
  • The next day we sat in our non-airconditioned apartment and cleaned and sweated and cleaned some more and then tried to go out for a run. We made it about a half mile before I bagged the run again because my heart was beating so fucking fast.
  • I realized later that day that I was severely dehydrated. I went pee at about 6am on Wednesday morning, and then not again until 10pm that night. That could have been a major problem with those two recent runs.
  • We worked at the Indiana State Fair on Thursday...long story. But I made sure to keep up on the water intake.
  • Friday we went for a run...about 6 and a quarter miles along the lake front. It was still tough because the weather was again in the 90s...but we made it through without any drama.
  • Today we did a nice easy 3 mile recovery.
  • And NO hamstring pain whatsoever.
  • Tomorrow is the Chicago Distance Classic half marathon.
  • My goal is to do as many of the miles at Marathon Race pace as I can. It's going to be about 75 degrees at the it's going to be a nice hot run to say the least.
Alright, that's all from this camp. Feeling better every day and hoping to have a nice run tomorrow.


Sailor Sue said...

Hey Kids,
Have a great run tomorrow in the city. So good to know you're feeling better every day. You could sail right through this race!

ShoreTurtle said...

Hey Leah. That's encouraging news. I'm glad that the hammy is getting better.

I hate running in hot weather. I'll take a negative windchill over the heat any day. At least with the cold, you can add layers. I'm looking forward to the cooler temps of the Fall.

Scott said...

Good goal! Have a nice run tomorrow. I think you are well on your way BACK! eneem

Firefly's Running said...

Good luck, Leah!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You have been doing a lot. I hope the CDC went well today and your hamstring and heart were okay.