Wednesday, August 08, 2007

He's Right

I am mentally weak.

My hamstring is fine after taking care of it the past few days. However, I can't get through a mile or two without my heart feeling like it's going to leap out of my chest and on to the pavement. When that happened once I took it to be because of non-sleeping and bad eating. When it happens a second time and only making it a couple of blocks before backing out and walking home...that makes him right. I am a mentally weak person and with out the mental marathon game...I'm done.


mouse said...

crazy talk, woman. you would not have been capable of willing yourself through some of those long, hard LT runs if you were mentally weak.

you can do this. you know it. we all know it. it's just a matter of getting it done. so stop thinking, negative or positive, and just run. don't overthink things, just get out there.

you have it in you. in two months, you're going to be golden.

Firefly's Running said...

I agree with Mouse. You know in your heart that you can do it. Just run! Just do it!

Cuckoo said...

I completely empathize with what you are saying b/c I've been feeling the same way lately. But YOU are far from being mentally weak. You've been one of my biggest inspirations for marathon training this year. You'll get your mental marathon game back, and these trials and tribulations will make you stronger in the end.

Thomas said...

Crazy talk indeed. You're an accomplished marathoner, and you'll probably have a BQ in a few months' time. That's not the sign of a mentally weak person.

Next time you feel like quitting, force yourself to cover at least 2 miles. If you still want to quit then, quit, but chances are you'll feel much better.

GeekGirl said...

Ugghhh... I went through this a few weeks ago. I just wasn't feeling it. Between the South Florida heat and just being burnt out from working 2 jobs, etc I lost my mental toughness.

You just need to run. Shut off the brain for a bit and run. You're a runner. That's what you do.

That BQ is yours. You just have to go get it!

Scott said...

It will all come back. One nice and easy longish run ought to do it. Put on your headphones and go for it.

Jonathan said...

The toughest thing about injuries may be the mental anxiety they cause. Hamstring injuries are rough. You can't come back and expect to run at 100%. Take it slow. In a few weeks you will be wondering what you were ever worried about.

Bob said...

One word, BULLSHIT!

Russ said...

here is my recommendation, no watches, no ipod, no graphs, old school running kit...just get out and run for running sake and you will remember why you love it works trust me

Andrea said...

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Nicole said...

I think we all have those moments. Try not to think too much about it you'll make it over the hurdle.