Monday, August 27, 2007

Long Running....and Feeling GREAT

Yesterday, for the first time I felt like the old runner that I was about a month ago. No getting frustrated 2 miles in and turning around, no whining about how horrible running is. Just going and getting the job done.

We had 17 miles on the schedule. We were out of the house by about 6:15 am. Nothing really interesting happened on this run which is always a good thing. Sometimes I hate my Garmin, because I'll be like, "OK, I must have gone at least 3/4 of a mile" and I'll look down and see that I am just 0.05 miles farther than I was the last time I looked. Then I play the, "Just don't look down, just run, doesn't matter what the watch says. You know exactly where you are...DON'T LOOK" of course I look and see that I only have gone 0.07 this time since the last time I looked.

No problem with that yesterday, the miles just clicked off effortlessly. We had lots of miles at or under 8:30 and while that is too fast for our long run pace, it was the pace that felt comfortable. Sometimes I hate fighting the feel good comfortable feeling if it's too fast. So we did 17 miles in a total time of 2:30:23 or an average pace of 8:51 min/mile. I know that you missed my graphs over the last month, so here we go. The only peaks were from either the underpass that goes under LSD at Chicago Ave. This mile is always weird because we have to go down the stairs and so on. The other peaks were all just from gatorade/water/Gu stops and still all where they need to be.

A great run. And just what this marathon runner needed. This week we have a lot of miles and I am heading to Florida over the weekend with the Family to celebrate my Grandpa's 90th birthday. Jason doesn't get to go because a) we are broke and my dad had to buy my ticket down there and b) he starts his new job in two weeks and the thesis needs to be done by then. That means that our 17 miles with 14@MRP will be done alone. Although I might get my dad to find a bike and ride with me....but he's been really really sick and so he might not be up for it. We'll see. Then my dad will come back to Chicago and be here until the end of October...yay!


Firefly's Running said...

Great pace!

Bridgette said...

I think you're going to be so freaking great in October!! You should reward yourself with a haircut.