Thursday, September 01, 2005

Yesterday was an 8.5 mile run, or as I like to call it, the "other long run". I have to admit, I was a little concerned about this run. Leah's leg had been hurting and my motization was fairly low and I feared a bad Wednesday run would kill confidence for Saturday's big 18 mile run.

But, never fear! The run yesterday went very well. Personally, I was aware of every inch of my right leg all the way from my hip to my ankle, but I was able to run fast and that was fun. Honestly, after weeks and weeks of plodding through our runs, it was great to lengthen the strides and have a good run.

I could tell my legs were hurting more than usual, though, so I stopped four different times in the 8.5 miles to give them a break (which is about four more stops than we used to make in our 8 mile runs). I would rather my legs be a bit fresher on Saturday.

Today I'm pretty achey, but I feel a renewed confidence regarding our runs. Amazingly enough, I'm not dreading today's run, and it has been a few weeks since that was the case. I'm looking for the enthusiasm for running to spill over into Saturday and we will have a great long run.

Btw, a few days back the nasty toe nail fell off. It was pretty nasty underneath, as well. Nothing good going on south of the old ankle.

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LeahC said...

Actually, I am pretty sure we only stopped 3 times. Twice at the trough and then once when we turned around. Maybe I am missing one?