Wednesday, September 21, 2005


So Leah and I went to get our OFFICIAL MARATHON SHOES from Fleet Feet, the lovely local running store. As it turns out, we weren't the only people to have this idea. Who would think, 3 weeks before the marathon, that everyone would try and get their OFFICIAL MARATHON SHOES?

(okay, everyone would think that...shut up)

To top it all off, both Leah and I wear Asics 2100's, one of the top selling shoes on the market. So, oddly enough, they were out of that particular shoe in our sizes. Damn.

Now I have to wait a few days and Leah has to wait a week to get our OFFICIAL MARATHON SHOES. Luckily shoes don't take very long to break in these days.

So anyway, here's a tip for anyone out there that hasn't gotten their shoes yet: GO GET YOUR SHOES.

And next year...pre-order.

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Fashion said...

I have used Caterpillar shoes for last five years..Especially while running.....These are smooth....Lovely post!!!