Thursday, September 08, 2005

Where's the Love

Yes a song by the Black Eyed Peas (I think) but also a description of my current training state of mind. We just tried to run 8.5 miles here at work which we promised a couple of months ago that we wouldn't try to do again. We work at Fermi National Lab which is basically in the middle of a farm and so there are lots of long straight paths with not a lot of action on them. I get so freakin' bored immediatly that all the little pains i have which I can usually ignore along the lakefront path back in the city come roaring their ugly heads up.

my feet hurt
the outside of my shins hurt
it's hot
my thiegh hurts
and so on.....

When I am in the city I can go ok, I know exactly where I am. I know there is a water fountain in one more mile. Oh look at the other hundreds of runners of all speeds, shapes and sizes doing the same thing I'm doing. I can get past the....pardon....the bullshit of the little annoyances and just get the run done.

The plan now is to run 8.5 tomorrow. The run today ended up being 2 miles to the main building and then walked the two miles back to my office. Shitty. So we'll be back in the city tomorrow and will just try again.

A quick other note. I have recently been perusing the Runner's World Forums which are becoming a little annoying. People are posting about how you won't finish the marathon if you dont' do at least 2-3 20 milers and well maybe you'll finish but it won't be worth it. These comments are not towards me, but to other first time marathoners. Isn't the freakin' goal of the first marathon to finish? How about giving some support to these folks who are doing their best, their out there anyways and might not be running 3:10 marathons! That's my feeling on the matter anyways. Alright, that's all from crappy runner girl. More tomorrow.

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Jason said...

It seems there are a lot of running snobs out there. If it isn't a 3:10 marathon it's crap.

Oh course, then there are the people that make fun of those shooting for a 3:10 marathon...but they are truly evil.