Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Time for me to catch up. As Leah has mentioned (somewhere) below, we completed our 18 mile run and it was a success. I was really happy to get through one of the really long runs with no major problems. Sure, everything was pretty sore by the end, but we finished very strong at the end and probably could have squeezed out another 8 miles with a little race day magic.

I was really, really tired for the next three days following that run, but I have finally gotten back to normal. Recovery from an 18 mile run seems to take a long time.

We next ran on tuesday (yesterday) and it went fine for me. I had to stop a few times because my knees we hurting me pretty badly, but with a little walking I was able to finish. It was also super humid again, and so it was much harder to finish.

All in all, I think this last month is going to be hard. However, I am also very confident that we will both be able to finish the marathon and that is more than I knew last month.

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