Wednesday, September 07, 2005


oh man. yesterday's run. I don't have much good to say about it. As we started everything hurt on my legs. My quad muscle on my left leg, my feet hurt, my shins hurt. It was just annoying. I told Jason to just go ahead of me because I knew that my pace was probably a little bit over walking (if that) and I didn't want him to have to run 5 miles at such a slow pace. Instead of doing that he slowed down to go behind me, thinking that I just wanted to run alone. So then I felt that I had to move the pace up just to stay in front of the time we got to the lake I was dying. So I finally yelled at him to JUST GO AHEAD. Which he finally did.

In the end this is better for me. When Jason is right next to me and I'm having a bad run I can whine to him and he'll be the good husband and tell me to walk or whatever. However, as soon as I'm alone I realize there is no one to whine to and hence I can move the run along. I can hone in on what is actually bothering me and get the job done.

I know it's hard for Jason to leave me behind when I am in pain, but we talked about it after the run that sometimes it's better for me to just do it by myself. I think it's good anyways to get through some runs alone because like I said, you can focus on what the problem is and not telling your running partner that your legs hurt and not being able to get off that train. So in the end ran about 5 miles and an incredibly slow pace. i stopped to stretch 3 times within that distance. Tomorrow is an 8.5 so we'll see how that one goes. We'll have to run it at work so at least it's a change of scenery.

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