Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Sure, I lost the keys yesterday and had to run all the way back to the totem pole to try and find them. In my defense, though, I'm very dumb.

But what was fun, though, is that I wanted to find the keys before anyone else did so I took off and ran the 3/4 of a mile all the way back at my fastest non-sprint pace. That is the pace I would like to run someday (you know, in my dreams). Actually, at this point I can't run that fast as I was starting to lose a little steam towards the end, but I could probably run a 5k at 90% of that pace. But still, it was fun to air it out. After the marathon, the next thing I will want to train for will be the shamrock shuffle, which is just a 8k, and so I want to run it really fast. Last time Leah and I ran the shuffle in 38+, and so this time I will shoot for 35 or so. I think it will really be fun to train for a short run.

But anyway, I ran 5 miles yesterday nice and slow. Everything pretty much hurt below the waist at some point, but the only thing that was any concern was a pain/tightness in my lower right calf. I iced it last night and it is feeling a bit better today.

9 miles today, nice and slow again. I just want to make it to the taper without anything bad happening. Nice and slow.

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