Monday, September 05, 2005

We Did It

Well we did the 18 miler on Saturday. Wow. I almost don't have words for it.There were times that I didn't feel awesome, there were times that I felt like a machine. But as I was running the last mile, I could feel my heart pumping out of excitement, I knew we were going to make it and I just felt awesome.

I have stopped timing the long runs to try and just enjoy them and not be so worried about the pace. However, I did note time the time we left the apartment and the time that we stopped (probably actually about 18.3 or so) and it was under 3 hours, which means that we were pacing less than a 10 min/mile pace which is awesome.

So with a little over a month left until the marathon I am so happy to have finally gotten through this long run. I am so much more confident about the marathon now to have this one under my running to say.

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jamie r. said...

You guys kick ass. Seriously.