Thursday, September 22, 2005

Taper Taper Taper Time

So as mentioned below we ran a 20 miler on Sunday and have started the taper. We walked about 3 miles on Monday (X-training) and then took Tuesday off. Yesterday we ran 5 miles and felt ok. Some miner pain twinges, but other than that things look ok.

We will run 8 miles tonight, then 4 tomorrow and 12 on Sunday.

I really wish that I could have gotten my marathon shoes earlier in the week. Hopefully everything works out alright and I'll be able to get them in time. A note about the milages on the shoes. The routes that Jason and I usually run end about 1 mile from our house, which we then walk home as a cool down. But I never add this 1 mile in on the don't know if it matters but there is probably about an extra 40 miles on each of our pairs of shoes. Man those numbers are climbing. Come On Fleet Feet and get my shoes in!

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