Monday, September 19, 2005

20 miles whoo hoo

Well we did it. Yesterday we ran 20 miles. yowza!

We started at the ole' wayne manor and ran to the lake front path and then to about 2.5 miles south of the aquarium. This is far :-) It was so hard to be going, ok, we have to go more south now. At about 12 miles, it felt to me like we were in no mans land, but this guy came running up next to us and started talking to us. That was awesome as the next .5 mile before we had to turn around went quite a bit faster as we had someone new to talk to. He is running the detroit marathon. I think he also mentioned that he's from the Detroit area which was very confusing as he was running in chicago....later as I realized that the Bears were playing Detroit so perhaps he was in town to watch the game.

So then we got to turn around yeah (!) and then it was 9.5 miles back to where we could stop. First just had to make it back to the gatorade stand that was 4 miles away. I did want to stop for water before that, but to make it less time to the gatorade I held out as long as I could and was able to make it about 1.5 miles. So stopped for water, then onto gatorade. After this I was like ok, just 5 more miles to go, and all of a sudden I realized where I was and how far I still had to go and I freaked out and had to walk for about 30 seconds. Jason calmed me down, got another drink of water, made it to the next gatorade stand and then made it to the end (one more water stop between) So at the end I wasn't crawling and still feeling semi-strong.

So we had two gatorade and 1 water stop on the way out. and 3 water (quick stops) and two gatorade on the way back.

Now it's time to taper and start really freakin' out about the marathon. Holy Shit it's in 20 days. damn.


Flatman said...

20 miles...way to go! 20 days...sheesh!

Scott said...

Making the 20 mile mark means you'll make the marathon! Stay healthy!