Sunday, September 11, 2005

Today was a "fall back" week. I put "fall back" in quotes because it is pretty silly to think that 13 miles is an easy run. There is never anything easy about 13 miles. It is brutal.

This time Leah and I separated because I was running faster than her today due to the fact that she was experiencing leg pain. So I went ahead so she could do her own thing. It is really a whole different game, running alone as opposed to running with a partner. It takes much, much more mental toughness because there is nobody to feel guilty towards if you stop.

Running on the lakefront path, we started at the 3 mile marker and ran out to the 9 (oh, sorry, that should be "just the 9 mile marker"). At about the 8.5 mile marker heading out to the 9 I started to get real down on the run. I knew where I was and I knew where home was, and even worse I knew that I had a whole mile more just to get back to the 8.5 mile marker again. It just seemed like it was too far to run. Too far and too hopeless.

But, I pushed myself out to the 9, turned around, and began my death march back home. But then I saw Leah! I really had no idea what had become of her. I didn't know if she had quit and gone home, had walked, or was 10 feet behind me. I really had no idea. The fact that she had fought through all that leg pain and pushed on this far was a big time inspiration to me. I figured if she could make it with legitimate pain, then I could fight through my aches and pains and make it back home.

Oh course, this boost only lasted about another 2 miles and then the death march began anew but it was still very, very inspiring. Great job, Leah. You are going to kick the marathon's ass!

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