Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Easy 5

Ran 5 miles yesterday and finally (!) got through one of these runs all the way. I have been having such sore legs that I would have to stop and stretch a couple times durning the run. This didn't happen yesterday though. We ran to the 5 mile marker and then back to the 3 and my legs were quite stiff. So we stretched right then which we don't usually do (i know i know we should always do this) and then got some water and headed back to the apartment. we were about 5 blocks away when I said, "You have the keys right?" Jason looked at me like I had two heads. So we had to go all the way back to the totem pole and hope they were there. Which the were. He must have dropped them when we were stretching. So that probably added about 2 extra miles of walking since the totem pole is a bit over a mile from our apartment, but that's alright.

Legs are feeling pretty good today actually. Maybe this quad thing is loosening up (slightly) Today we have a 9 mile run. woof.

notice that the milage on the shoes is pushing it's way to 300 hundred miles. We will get new shoes before the marathon. need all the bouncyness i can get :-)

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