Thursday, April 23, 2009

There you are

Hey little blob thing -

So yesterday your mommy (you know her. She's the one you're slowly trying to kill by sucking out all her energy. But don't worry. It's totally different than being a some way) and I got to see you through the magic of sound and some sort of wand thingy (don't ask). And you know what? You look like a gummy bear! I'm not sure if that means you look like your mother or father, but either way I think it's a good sign.

But regardless, no matter what anyone else says, I think you're cute. All curled up in your little bag of waters, probably desperately trying to suck your thumb except that you don't have a thumb...or the ability to suck. It's terribly adorable.

So anyway, it was really nice to meet you. We're really excited to see you at the next ultrasound when we'll be able to hear your heartbeat and see some arms and legs and stuff. We're also looking forward to when you stop stealing all your mom's energy. We've forgotten what prime time TV looks like.

Have fun swimming in the amniotic fluid!

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