Monday, April 27, 2009

Great Weekend Depise Some Showers

Another great weekend for your fearless duo. Friday night through Sunday night were exactly how summer weekends in Chicago should be. Friday night we got home and grilled out for the first time this season. Jason made his delicious hamburgers and I made potatoes and asparagus (which...I'm sorry, we just can't seem to get right...we put them in the steamer and it's just they are too finiky with how long they need to be in there). We spent most of the evening on the back porch and when we were done eating we walked to the Dairy Queen that is about a mile from our house. Apparently between 8 and 9 pm is when you go out and walk your dog/push a stroller. It was just one of those great Chicago nights where everyone was out.

On Saturday morning we met my lovely cousin Lisa and her husband at my new favorite breakfast place, Yolk, downtown. We had a great time with them as usual, and then from there we walked a bit north and jumped on the Red Line at lake, and back home. From there we threw on some running clothes, went out for an easy breezy three miler, took some naps and then headed out the Des Plaines to hang out with my friend Jean and her husband.

Sunday looked like it was going to be a stinker. I didn't sleep that well and still got up really early. I was craving some french toast and so I made some, and was really impressed with how easy they were (has to be as it was one of my Dad's staple meals...although with kraft dinner...ok it was one of two meals) AND delicious. After eating breakfast I promptly fell asleep on the couch. After a short cat nap, we ran to the jewel as we were getting low on supplies, came home, watched the Cubs...napped (shocking!!!). After the game, the rain stopped and I checked and noticed that there was no more rain in the forecast. So we went on one of our usual long long long walks and actually found a route that we hadn't walked before. We walked north on Sheffield to Montrose, over to the lake, all around the harbor and back. I clocked out how far we walked and it was almost 7 miles. No wonder our feets were screaming by the time we got home.

Finished off the weekend with a delicious dinner, some DVR and a movie.

I just love weekends where you don't exactly do anything...but it seems like you did everything. Awesome. Summer is here in Chicago (I hope!)


Scott said...

Kraft Dinner is actually the peak of the food pyramid!

Cuckoo said...

We love Yolk, it's right in our neighborhood! Have you tried the Banana Nut French Toast yet? Yum! A little secret (that I probably shouldn't give away), if you ever go on a weekend and find that there is super long wait time, tell them you don't mind sitting at the counter. We've never waited longer than 15 minutes for a counter seat and we actually really enjoy watching the owner and all of the staff in action.

Susanne said...

You should try tossing the veggies in olive oil and then roasting them in the oven. Put the potatoes in first, of course, and then when almost finished, add the asparagus.