Wednesday, April 29, 2009

3 Miles Monday, Sunshine Cleaning Tuesday

Monday we stuck with our every other day running to get aggregated to training ... well every other day, and did a nice three miles on the lakefront path. We've been running south because I really love the path between Belmont and Fullerton.... kinda monotonous, but so pretty and fun so it's ok.

Yesterday we decided to walk a bit even though it was kind of cool outside, and as we were walking we realized that we were really close the the River East 21 Movie theater. I took out my handy dandy iPhone, using the app Showtimes and found out that Spring Cleaning was playing in 30 minutes. So we stopped at a Dominicks and grabbed some pizza slices and headed over. It's a good movie, and just fun to randomly stop at the theater.

Tonight we are going to run...yep you guessed it...3 miles! And actually we'll probably do that again tomorrow because on Friday we have dinner plans at Pizza Grinders! Yay for pizza pot pies.

Other than that...just work, running, oh...and the big knitting project I'm working on needs to be completed (try to be anyways...) by next weekend. AND I'm reviewing a book which needs to be done by next weekend...but that's really this weekend because my Mom is flying in for Mother's Day next weekend. So. Right. Good thing we aren't doing anything else this weekend.

Oh and I think we'll hit up Yolk again this weekend. So right...that's about it. Happy Mid week all.


GeekGirl said...

I got my iPhone for my bday. (Dad paid for half.) I didn't know that I could love a phone this much! It does everything.

Spring Cleaning is playing at the theater a 2 blocks from my house and I've been thinking about walking over to see it. It looks cute.

I have no idea what a pizza pot pie is.

lifestudent said...

I dont know what a pizza pot pie is either, but it sounds delicious.

I also dont know what Spring Cleaning is (the actual activity, or the movie). I couldnt find much about it - is it actually "Sunshine Cleaning"?

Nehal Kazim said...

I think we're all missing out on pizza pot pie because I don't know what that is either :)

Seems like you have enough going on in your life to keep things moving and fresh.