Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Hi Baby Inside Your Mommy's Belly -

It seems that you've been letting up a bit on your mom recently, which is nice. She stayed up all the way until after 10 on Saturday and she's been up until after 9 on multiply weekdays now! It's really very exciting! We're like Britney and K-Fed with our new nightlife (are they still together? Is that reference about 11 months out of date?).

We've been wondering a lot recently whether you're a boy or girl. Everyone seems to think you're a boy, but I have to admit I go back and forth. I'd say I'm about 50% certain you're a boy. Yeah, that's about right. But what I hear is, if you are a boy, your testes (heh) are going to start making the testosterone. I don't know why, but I think it's absolutely bizarre that the little sleeping grey blob we say inside your mom's belly is going to start making testosterone if you're a boy. I guess, just in case, now's when I should tell you that wrestling isn't real and no, I don't know where to find the nearest monster truck rally.

If you're a girl, I'm not 100% sure what would be happening (presumably no testes). I didn't read that part. It seems to me that, at least in the womb, what you don't have is more important than what you do have (you'll note that they always say, "there's the penis" or "nope, not a penis to be found" and not "oops, no vagina. It's a boy". And, of course, you're a baby so I should have said Hoo-Hoo and Pee-Pee. I've got a lot to get used to before you arrive). I don't really think that's fair.

I'm not sure that I had a lot of point in this post, other than to be amazed at the fact that, inside that womb, is not a thing but something that's trying to becomes a baby boy or girl. That's crazy. So Congrats on the continued development of body part and good luck in your quest to have a gender.

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