Monday, April 06, 2009

Listen Here Baby

So I'm tired. Tired. Tired. Tired. I take naps on the weekends that could rival some people's nightly sleep times. Then I go to bed at 10 and bang on the alarm at 6 and still sleep for another hour. I am not one to sleep that much in general. I'm usually one to be, "HEY LET'S GO DO SOMETHING". Even if the weather is crappy out I always up for a movie or shopping or WHATEVER. Yesterday we thought about going to see Sunshine Cleaning and stopped at the Jewel for some lunch food before hand. I got all hot and tired and bothered at the store and so decided to stick at home for the rest of the afternoon.

So Baby, I love you and I am hoping that I'm making a nice home for you to enjoy for the next 7 months and 1 week but I gotta say that I'm looking forward to getting out of this first trimester so that I can have a bit more energy. I think your dad is also looking forward to getting out of this first trimester as I think that he wants his fun loving wife to come out from under this sleepy woman that has invaded his house.

I hope you are doing ok in there. When you get to know me, you'll understand how hard these first few weeks were. The not knowing things makes your mother crazy. But apparently you are forming your mouth and throat right now, and I'm just hoping beyond hope that you are going to get your father's teeth and jaw structure instead of mine as otherwise you are going to be in for a lifetime of annoyances.

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