Saturday, November 01, 2008

A Week in Time

It's been awhile since this blog has been updated. It's weird when you are in the habit of writing everyday there is always something to say. Then when you don't write for a long time it's like nothing has happened.

We had good week last week. My Dad and Stepmom helped with some more things around our apartment, including some new lighting in our dining room which is awesome.

On Thursday we went to Sheffields where they had free pumpkins for carving which was a really good time. I'm not kidding when I say that I'm pretty sure that it is the friendliest place in the world.

We are really looking forward to election day. Sheffields is having a pig roast and so we are going to go there after work and then head back downtown around 9 or so for the rally....unless the returns look bad at which point we won't brave it.

We have a busy weekend with some visiting at my aunt's house today, and then tomorrow my Dad and I are going to South Bend to visit Enee (who is my Dad's cousin) and look around ( Dad grew up in South Bend).

My Dad and sue are leaving on Tuesday morning which is sad, as I will miss them, but it's been great having them here for the last few weeks. Also very excited that we have a second bedroom for them to stay in while they are here now instead of them having to sleep on an air mattress in a shitty shitty cold apartment. It's like we are real B+B. Jason's folks will be enjoying the second bedroom next weekend and we are looking forward to seeing them.

That's about all that's going on over in these here parts.


Girl on Top said...

That is nice that you have a 2nd bedroom. We have a one-bedroom apartment so we try not to have any guests over (for their sake). It's already so cramped with just the two of us in here.

lifestudent said...

Thats pretty sweet that you get to actually go to the Obama ralley. I heard there is no alcohol, thats a bummer. Think they would take away a flask or two if you should happen to have them on you?