Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Yep. Wednesday. You know....THAT day. The one that is in the middle of all of the other days of the week.

Should be a good day though...we have actually gone running the last two days...only three miles each day, but 3 miles is more than 0 miles so that's good. We are already going to break the chain of running days in a row today though because we are going to go out to dinner with my cousin in Chinatown and don't want to go all the way north just to come all the way back south. So we are going to instead go hangout at a Borders or something until about 7pm (see that way if I finish the current book I'm reading I can easily pick up another...ooh I don't know...Jack Reacher book) and then head on down there. Thanksgiving is ruined for me this year since my family is going on a cruise instead of sticking with tradition and for anyone that knows me...I. do. not. like. change. SO having dinner with her tonight will be like an early thanksgiving Chinese food dinner....I guess. But will be fun to see her and I'm looking forward to seeing her for sure.

Tomorrow we will go run again and then on Friday and Saturday. If we do that it will be a total of 15 miles for the week...which again...more than zero.

That's just about all from this end....well not really, but work is not underway!

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Scott said...

oh boy, thanksgiving at the chinese restuarant. fa ra ra ra wait, that's christmas. Have fun!~