Friday, November 21, 2008


I'm such a weenie. Walking home last night after a long day in the office Jason and I just *happened* to walk by Sheffields...which happens to be warm and have delicious beer and we just happen to magically gravitate in there if we walk by. So we did that instead of running.

We spent the rest of the night at the Elbo Room. An old friend of mine from college recently contacted me on Facebook and he happened to be playing there last night. So Jason and I went. It was really fun to see him again as I realized the last time I had seen him was at a New Years Eve party for the millenium.

The best part of the night however came at the end of the night when my friends sister told me I should join the Windy City Rollers because I looked athletic.....we walked out and Jason was all excited and all, "OMG YOU'RE GOING TO BE ON A ROLLER DERBY TEAM". I kinda feel like if someone asks you to join Windy City have to give it a shot. So we'll see if I actually do that. I could hold my own on the roller rink when I was like 8 so maybe some of those skills are still looming around. So I might be checking that out. Fun to be asked anyways.

I'm really excited that today is Friday as it's been a long week. Tonight we don't have any official plans yet but there is talk of hanging out with Jake and LaurA!, and tomorrow our new couch is being delievered and we are going to see Steve Earle and Tom Morello at The Vic on Saturday night which I'm really looking forward to. On Sunday we are driving to Indianapolis to have a thanksgiving dinner with some of Jason's family which should be a good time. Next week Jason and I both took the day after thanksgiving off and so it will a nice short week although a busy one as we have a demo on Tuesday and then Wednesday I have a review here at work.


lifestudent said...

Ive never seen the Windy City Rollers but I heard they are brutal - its full force knock down a$# whooping! I also heard that their tryouts are killer. I hope you go for it and I would love to hear about it. That would be so freaking awesome. (I used to fancy myself a pretty good rollerskater back in the day...)

Laura said...

Yes! Roller Derby! I was once going to be a Roller Derby girl for Halloween. Not the same at all? Oh.

If you do it, I want to see pictures....

Todd Webb said...

You're gonna need a cool name like: Dead Leah

That's the best I can do on short notice.

Andrea Hill said...

Every time I go to a roller derby game (first in Ohio, and then last night in Denver), I want to join!! I went so far as to inquire about tryouts in Columbus, but when I was told you need full equipment, including a mouth guard, just for tryouts, I shied away.

Bumps and bruises, maybe ok. Hopefully it wouldn't affect my running. But I've spent too much time in braces to risk busting my face up :(

but that's just me... :)

Runner Susan said...

OMG OMG. You so have to take Roller Derby pictures. So have to!

Running Jayhawk said... can SO be a roller derby queen!


We'd totally come and cheer you on... :)