Monday, November 24, 2008

So.....6 is More than Zero?

Well technically that's true. But it's also much less than 15 which had been my running goal for last week. Ah well. This is another week and another chance to get over 10 freakin' miles. Remember when I would run 50 miles a week. YEAH. me neither.

So today the plan is to go home and run 4 miles. It's pretty nice out right now, and if the wind stays down it won't be too bad. Plus we can really enjoy a fire and reading/old DVR if we feel like we earned it.

We had a great weekend going to see a concert on Saturday night (Did you know that Tom Morello went to Harvard and got a degree in Political Science and worked in a senators office for a few months or something after he graduated....very interesting). Tom Morello was awesome as was Steve Earle.

Yesterday we went to Indy to visit with Jason's family and have an early thanksgiving dinner. And as I'm at work, I will quickly demonstrate why Jason is the best uncle in the world.

Happy Monday all.


Jesse said...

A classic photo that will only get better with the years.

Laura said...

Leah, I'm in the 'trying to limit the zeros in my training log' mindset too right now. My biggest goal is not to go too long without working out. How slacker am I right now!?! LOL.

Good luck with your 10 mile goal! And in the cold of Chicago too, props to you!

Firefly's Running said...

Cute pic!