Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A New Era

Last night the senator from Illinois won the seat of the President of the United States. Four years ago when he gave his speech at the Democratic convention I, along with several others I'm sure, said, "That man is going to be president one day."

That day is today.

Jason and I and a bunch of friends had tickets to the rally. We met at Hackney's* in the south loop and the proceeded to the park. Once we were in, we were greeted with a giant jumbo tron and CNN with the returns. People were *so* happy. It was a crowd of 100,000 people, there was no fighting, there was no crazy drinking, just people listening and waiting. When Barack came out and gave his speech the crowd was silent and attentive. He can capture people in a way that I have never experienced. He has gotten the excited about the country again, and I think he will continue to get people back involved in their government. I talked to my mom this morning who said, "I don't know. When he talks to me I really believe what he's saying". I told her that it's probably because he really believes in what he's saying. He seems to really want people to just come together and get some shit done.

When I was in graduate school I did some work in Washington D.C. and I would ask the staffers how their job was. Was it hard when you got some many fails and just had to live for the small wins. I wonder if this kind of thing is what makes those years of fails worth it.

Like I said. I think it's a new day. It's a day where I can be proud again to go overseas and say, "I'm an American." And hopefully now I won't get looks of, "I'm sorry." So Congrats to the Senator from Illinois and let's see where he can take this country.

The boy and I are obviously happy. I'll have more pictures up later, but I'll leave you with this of your fearless duo.

*after I left a meeting retrospec I should have stayed for the duration of.....but if I have learned anything it's that you can't go back in time. Decisions are made. They might be the wrong ones....but you can't hold on to the guilt....well that's what I'm trying to tell myself anyways.


Laura said...

What a great speech he had too. Both of them had great speeches last night actually. So exciting you were a part of history. Heck, everyone who voted was a part of history! :)

GeekGirl said...

Woohoo! I'm jealous that you were in Grant Park!

I wasn't sure what I was feeling when I woke up this morning. Slowly, I figured out that it was American pride. . .

It feels good.

Runner Susan said...

I still can't believe it and I cry when I think about seeing the all the people in Grant Park and seeing the Reverend Jesse Jackson sobbing and the people falling to the ground in relief.

I'm proud that you guys were there!