Sunday, November 09, 2008

Going to do More of This.

Not hanging out in gross train stations, but taking and posting more pictures on my photoblog. It's kind of an ad-full blog service, but it works pretty well for pictures. I have a few on there from this month and now that our office is rolling I hope that will start rolling too.

We had a great weekend with Jason's parents in the city. They came in on Saturday afternoon and we took them through Millenium park and showed them the bean, which I think they enjoyed. From there we headed back to our apartment and just relaxed a bit before heading out for some drinks at Sheffields and then to dinner at Mia Franchesca. We topped the evening off with a fire, Ironman and some coffee.

Today we went to breakfast at Clarke's and then headed back downtown where we checked out the cultural center. On the second floor there is a beautiful dome of Tiffany stained glass (stay tuned to the photoblog for pictures!), on the top floor right now they have a great Chicago photo exhibit.

After the in-laws left Jason and I strolled through Macy's and found this awesome piece of furniture. We had found a daybed we liked at Crate and Barrel but it was *huge* and would have over taken our apartment. We found this which is a lot smaller, and pretty cool looking. Yeah that's right it's white leather...yeah Mrs. Spills her Wine Every Night ("There she goes again!") won't be allowed to sit on it :). Because we work we can't get it delivered until the 22nd as it's the next available Saturday. So we are looking forward to that being delivered in a few weeks.

We spent the rest of the day running errands and not buying an iMac and yelling at our current desktop for being super slow and stupid an annoying. But the couch took the spending for a month, but now when people come over they dont have to sit on the floor so that's good.

I have a busy week coming up with my group having a big demo on Thursday afternoon. I'm so crazy about deadlines and presentations and get nervous the night before so I'm hoping that things are in a good state by Wednesday night so that I can get a somewhat decent nights sleep that night. We are meeting a friend on Tuesday for dinner and then on Thursday that same friend is hosting a benefit or and appitizers at Rock Bottom....don't like that place, but they have pretty good beer and good appitizers and that's what the entry cost will get you.

Alright. So it's Sunday. A busy week coming up. And more pictures are going to be processed. So that's that.


Girl on Top said...

Sounded like a busy weekend! Off to a new week!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to more Leah pictures!


Runner Susan said...

oh, oh, oh . . . I love that daybed. LOVE IT.