Thursday, November 20, 2008

Worst Book Reviewer Ever

So I just finished the book The Mayor's Tongue by Nathaniel Rich and I gave it 5 stars because well I don't was awesome. I was looking back over my reviews in Good Reads and I seem to give all books 5 stars. I told Jason I need like 5 stars with an exclamation point or something...he said well isn't that just 5 stars and then 5 stars would be 4 stars? I guess he has a point. But yeah, it was really good...just really imaginitive, really good writing, interesting story. It kind of reminded me of that movie Big Fish

We were at the Borders last night and I found a book with the words "Psycological Thriller" on the cover at which point I was like well I have to buy this as I'm a sucker for those books. I started it on the train and I almost thought about just staying on the train and going back home and reading it all day as I'm on page 12 and I'm already hooked...hopefully it stays good. The books is called In The Woods.

Tonight we are going to Elbo Room to see an old friend of mine from college that I haven't spoken to or seen in 8 years (thank you facebook!) as he's playing there so that should be a good time. We are goin to go home and run first and then head over there.

Alright, that's all from here. On to work!


Susanne said...

OMG, don't you just love facebook!?! I was just saying that over at our blog.

Also, you should read Year of Wonders. It's awesome! Bet you would give it 5 stars! ;)

Scott said...

Maybe you just naturally pick 5 star books.