Friday, November 14, 2008

Chicago : Grand & State Subway Station

Last night after attending a benefit for something (we don't know exactly what it was but Jason's friend was involved and asked if we wanted to go....35 bucks each and unlimited beer and food..although I do think it had something to do with teaching 4th-8th graders) at the Rock Bottom brewery at Grand and State.

When we left, we went into the subway station that is a stones throw away from the entrance to the brewery. We went into the tunnel where we were almost the only people there. The other people down there with us were two guys, one playing a guitar and the other singing. They were playing "Under the Boardwalk". 

I am currently reading Nathaniel Rich's book, The Mayor's Tongue which might be a little weird, but the writing is so fantastic that I don't care...and I think it's weird in a good way. I am in awe in how good writers can put words together and create sentences that almost have a rhythm and sound like they are singing to you. I wanted Jason to hear what I was reading and enjoying so much and so I started reading out loud from the book.....while we were next to the two dudes singing "Under the Boardwalk". It was awesome. 

Jason looked at me and said, "Only in the city." A great end to a fun evening with new friends.


lifestudent said...

I know those guys I think. Did the guy singing have a shaker thing that made noise? And a higher pitched voice (that actually sounded really nice)? I see them all the time & they ALWAYS are sining that song. Im not sure they know anything other than that song actually...

Scott said...

The city IS magical. I guess it's ok that not everyone knows that. . . crowded enough!