Monday, November 17, 2008

A Weekend of Nothing...

Well....maybe not exactly nothing, but not far off. 

After a month of inlaws visiting, and other busy weekends, Jason and I did a whole lot of nothing. We were really busy Saturday morning with errands, getting firewood delivered, Jason got new glasses, upgrading our home office with a large monitor and an external hard drive which is nice as now I can just use the power of my little work laptop to do photoshop stuff but not have to buy a new desktop. 

Then around 3pm we started a fire, and started watching movies. Yes. We did watch Ironman again. I'm sorry I love it. Then we watched High Fidelity. In John Cusack's apartment in the movie there is a poster for a show that had been at Schubas. I looked at Jason and said, know we live right by that place. I looked online and the music looked good so we decided to douse out the fire and head over for some live music. It was a great venue and a good show. A kid named Tom Schraeder played who I think is from Chicago originally and seemed to be happy and excited to be back in the city.

After the show we went just went back home....and then Sunday at 9am we started a fire....and it didn't go out until about 9pm later that day. So a day of movies, Bears football (if you want to call what they were playing football) and catching up on some DVR we had recorded was what our Sunday amounted to. I moved all my pictures onto our new hard drive as well which since there was 50GB worth of stuff.....took awhile. I have some ideas/plans to keep things organized and somehow get more of my pictures printed/ones I develop need to be kept separated. So yeah.

Anyways. Jason and I just had a great time relaxing and being lazy bums after not being that way for so many weeks.....a weekend of laziness also ups the desire to we are going to try and get back doing that...I keep saying that don't I?....well good plan to start when it's 30 degrees out :)


Scott said...

Another great Chicago weekend!


Stephanie Majewski said...

Thumbs up to Ironman and High Fidelity :)