Thursday, October 23, 2008

Run. Track. Run. + RunnerSusan = Awesome

RunnerSusan has become an awesome tester for Run. Track. Run. She told me in an e-mail that she had 3 years of running data on her 205 and asked if would it upload. I told her to give it a go cause I had only tried it with 3 or 4 runs on my watch. So she did and it worked. She uploaded 162 runs. I know because my boss went into the database and checked on her stats (I guessed that her username was runnersusan :-) ).

She has since then sent me a bunch of freedback and things she would like to see. Awesome because she sees how useful it is and how much potential it has even in it's most basic form.

So a big thanks to her. So for the rest of you that haven't tried it, check out this post about it and give it a go! Feedback is always welcome!


Frank said...

do you know what would be awesome for run track run? The ability to import a whole training plan. e.g. Higdon Plan X starting on xx/xx/xx. Then all the workouts for the next 18 weeks appear.

overall, very nice. are you going to be doing anything with pace? it would be fun to see graphs of pace vs distance or pace vs week.

Runner Susan said...

oh, i'm liking what frank says.

thanks guys!! I check it everyday to see what progress is being made.