Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Relaxing Weekend

Aside from watching the Cubs blow up in the post season again, Jason and I had a pretty good and relaxing weekend. On Friday night we went out to dinner and split a bottle of wine and got into an argument about whether or not the Cubs are losing because of "luck" or because they didn't bring...well...anything to the table. sigh. 

On Saturday we walked around the city, did some shopping and the non Saturday night we went out for an old friend's birthday party. Since we had a long run on Sunday we just had a couple of beers and then headed back home. I totally think that our neighborhood is a secret haven of parking spots. We got home at 11pm on Saturday night and I started to get the terror or circling for parking...but then I looked around and there were spots everywhere. I took the chance and kept going towards our apartment, and we totally got a spot a block away from our building. For those of you non-city people, this can be a pretty big deal. although I don't really care anymore because since moving in September I think we have driven about two or three times, which is totally awesome...making me wonder why I am shelling out 1K+ for insurance every year. Nice to have a car on hand though I suppose. 

On Sunday we had a long run of 9 miles. I know (!) 9 whole miles. We started off, maybe a little fast...but then slowed down to a nice slow run pace. As we were running a woman named Beth started chatting us up and it made the next few miles fly fly by. It was nice too because she was running at a slightly slower pace than we were and so it forced us to slow down for those 3 miles or so. Not to a bad point either, just where we probably should be. We were then able to kick it into higher gear for the last 4 miles, including a final mile of 8:04 min/mile. Nice to see some faster miles again. I swear we are going to get in 4 runs this week. We have another Wednesday night Fight Club happening but I am planning on running on Tuesday, Wednesday and then either Thursday or Friday. This week is actually a cut back week on the long run and so we are only looking at 6 miles on Sunday which is nice. 

Alright, well that's all from this world. Happy Tuesday All. 

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Sailor Sue said...

Forget the damn Cubs for now and enjoy those wonderful fall runs in Chicago!