Monday, October 13, 2008


My writing lately has been super sporadic. As has my running I suppose. Although last week I was sick and chose to try to get healthier faster instead of run. 

This week should be better. Although we are now thinking that it wouldn't be that awesome to run the Miami marathon and so instead we are just going to try and run to run, and not run to race. So I think we'll just try and run 5 miles 3 times a week and then 10-15 on Sundays. So we'll see if we can do that. As far as the Miami would have been too much. I would have wanted to see my mom and that was kind of the main point, but with a race, it would be a lot of going to bed early, going to the expo, freaking out about the race...getting up at 4am to run the race and then going home. There wouldn't have been enough time to actually see my mom. So it looks like we are going to Florida for Christmas. I really enjoy being in my home for Christmas but if we go to Florida I get to see my mom which of course makes it worth it. Christmas this year is on a Thursday, so it's looking like we'll take the Friday off and then I get Christmas Eve off but Jason only gets a 1/2 day so he'll probably take that day off too. So that should work out pretty well I think. 

So yeah...going to try running unstructured....nicer for the winter I think. 

Although if my weekend behavior continues, I'm never going to run again. I'll just leave it at we had a great time on Saturday night with fellow Obtivian people, a drunk text message to a friend led us to a bar on the west side of the city at 12:30am and we ended up going to bed at 4am. Let's just say Sunday was a slow day. Needless to say I didn't get up to watch any part of the marathon. I'm actually ok with that as I have run the race 3 times and spectated 3 I get the deal. That drinking business has to stop though cause my liver is going to look like camouflage (yeah yeah I stole that from Chuck) if I continue. But I do have to say...after training for marathons for 3 years and not going out on Saturday nights, it's nice to go out again. 

Anyways. It's Monday. Jason and I are going to the Hawks home opener tonight which should be awesome. And....oops time to work. 


Girl on Top said...

That sounds like a good plan. The stress of the race would make things pass too fast!

Frank said...

Sad that you won't be running a winter marathon. Looks like I'm the only crazy one left that will be doing crazy long runs in cold december temperatures!

Good luck with your running and hope you're feeling better!

Anonymous said...

good writing. Fun to read again. Not training during the winter sounds like a good plan to me too! Enjoy your runs.