Friday, October 03, 2008

Just Terrible

The Cubs? Yeah that's who I'm talking about. Who are these rookies playing our Cubbies jerseys? 


Well shit, the Dodgers still have to win another game, so it's not over yet. 

Last night we didn't do anything except watch the debate and the Cubs both of which brought some anger in our household. A box of Kleenex might or might not have gone flying across the room. I know. We are crazy. 

Since we didn't run last night we have to run tonight tomorrow and Sunday. So we have 5 on the schedule for today, 3 tomorrow and a big 9 on Sunday. 

Happy Friday!


Theoutofshapeguy said...

CRAZY!!! But that's why we love you!

Anonymous said...

Sorry 'bout them Cubbies - but, I am long past really caring.

I gave Evin photoshop
actions/brushes/gradients/etc. to give you on a DVD. Do you know about - is this a scam or a place for models and photographers to hook up? I've decided that if I shoot other than landscapes I need more than friends to pose. I am not interested in the taudry aspect of this. Just a mutual self-help thing.