Tuesday, October 21, 2008

3 Miles. More R.T.R.

Alright. Really. No comments? That's cool. I know the site is pretty basic and kinda buggy, but it's getting there. So this morning Jason and I got up at 6am. We had a window open in our bedroom and so we were like...uh...it's freezing and look how nice the bed looks....but then we said....nope we can get our asses out there and run a bit. Plus if we did I could upload data to Run. Track. Run. and start tracking what I'm doing. I love my pace graph from this morning. It's like we knew to keep speeding up so that our pace slope was smooth:

I noticed bug in the right hand column. Right now we are just showing the runs that are not after today....but I think we needed a +1 in there so that it showed runs for that day...so if you look close it looks like there is no run for today but there is a 3 mile run....so anyways. Obviously, going to be growing in time, but functional for now.

Not a bug with our software *exactly* The Garmin datetime is funny and I'm wondering if it's because it's time is in AM PM and we are expecting Military time....

Felt good to be running in the morning.....kind of....I'm anxious to get to the point however where it feels easy...which I know it will be.

GeekFest at work today will be demoing the site which is exciting. Tonight I'm grabbing a drink with a friend and then going to Crate and Barrel to maybe buy an awesome couch for our new giant living room....

Alright that's it from here.

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