Friday, June 20, 2008


I handed Adviser the thesis this morning. All 206 pages of it. Hot Damn. Of always with this field, there are a *few* more miner things to change. I have gotten up at about 4am the last three days and worked hard on getting that done....but you know...4am is fucking early. By 10am, I've been awake for 6 hours and, in that time (today for example) drove to Batavia, printed out 206 scintillating pages of physics analysis, dropped off some paperwork at another building on the Fermilab campus, played tennis with my "coach" and by "coach" I mean my Dad who really was a tennis coach back in the day, drove to panera, ate breakfast, dropped off said scintillating pages at the hotel where Adviser is staying, back to Panera, worked on getting Dad set up with C++ compliers on his little laptop, and drove back to the city.

Yikes. So I'm just hanging out while my dad naps and wondering if he really wants me to put the Xcode tools on his laptop since it's such a big program. He doesn't have much space left because it seems that he has 10GB worth of pictures on his laptop. So as soon as he wakes up I can talk to him about what he wants to do with that. Maybe it's time those crazy sailor kids got an external harddrive.

Yesterday we ran 4 miles around the neighborhood. So the plan then for the weekend is to do some studying stuff that we have to do, play tennis early tomorrow, and get just a short 2 mile run in. Then Sunday pull out a 6 mile run...bringing us full circle to Monday. Oh...and I have to write the acknowledgments still for my thesis. Thank you to everyone for not killing me over the last 6 years? Maybe just a Fuck this shit, I'm outta here. Nah, I can be more elequent than that...I hope. I actually did start writing it but I ended up starting it and starting to talk about my adviser and how awesome he is and blah blah...and suddenly I was that creepy girl who had written two pages about one person. So I stepped away as the total length for that should be about 2 pages and I have lots of other people to thank!

Alright, so Happy Friday everyone and GO CUBS! They had a stinky series in Florida and so here's to hoping they pick up the pace against that other Chicago baseball team. Alright. LeahC needs to end this post already.


lifestudent said...

Congrats on handing in the thesis! Huge weight off the shoulders :)

And I agree...GO CUBS!

Jamie said...

That's awesome. Congratulations!

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Nice seeing you guys out on the path today.  Leah, glad to see that you are getting your running groove back!