Thursday, June 05, 2008

Longer Run

Well I'm sans Garmin, just cause I want to be for awhile not because it's broken. Jason and I did go for a longer run yesterday because we lost track of where we were. I was just looking for the next mile marker that is North of Montrose and we never saw and we were all talky talky and so we ended up way past Lawrence and who knows where we were. We never run that far north and so I don't remember where we got to. I'm guessing we went for about 4.5 ... probably more like 4 miles. I know right..funny that anything over 3 miles is an accomplishment.

My thesis work is going well. There are words for everything....whether or not Adviser thinks that the words are good or bad is still to be questioned. I am also helping a new graduate student who is at IU. I wish I was there or he was here because so many of the things he's doing is so much easier to do with someone to just go walk to and ask. Jason and I had that for all stages of our analysis and so I wish he had that. Ah well, I'm doing my best via e-mail.

My dad and I are going to go play tennis here in a bit as soon as the courts dry and the man wakes up from his little cat nap. Until then I'm going to keep plugging away at the thesis.

Happy Thursday.

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Nicole said...

Yeah, that marker got "stolen" during one of my runs last year. I started at it and when I got back, it was gone!