Friday, June 27, 2008

Run, Projects & Taste

I have been working on a programming project since Wednesday and spent all day yesterday holed up in my apartment working on it. Needless to say I was itching to get outside for a run this morning.

I took music with which I don't do much anymore, but I do always remember how much I like the music once I have it with me. I chose some "running" mix playlist that I have. I think at one point I was very intune with picking songs that start off slow, picking up in the middle and then cooling back off in the end. True to form, I started off with some Colin Hay and hit up some California Love in the middle. I am having some shin pain which is usually a sign that my shoes are bad. These aren't that old though so I'm kind of surprised. I have been playing tennis in them though instead of keeping running shoes for running only so that might be a problem. I went about 3.9 miles and felt good otherwise throughout. I'm going to probably be short a few miles this week from my goal mileage, but that's ok.

After I got back from running, I fixed the final thing that had to be in place on the programming project I am working on. I had a flash when I was running (that happens all the time), and when I got home I tried it and lo and behold all 5 things work that needed to work. I'm pretty excited that that's done. I still have to fix how files are read in and the output and whatever, but the brunt of the project is done.

Since I am done with that for the most part, my dad and I are going to have a city day this afternoon and head downtown for the opening of the Taste and then maybe go see a movie. Tough times for my dad and his sister and well everyone in the family. My grandpa needs to move into an assisted living place and is refusing to do it. His wife has mid-stage Altzheimer's and he is 90 years old and can't really take care of her. But he's refusing to do anything about it. It got a little exciting at the beginning of the week because he was in the hospital and his wife was driving all over the place even though she shouldn't be driving anywhere. So we are all trying to deal with that the best we can.

So yes. Happy Friday all.


Firefly's Running said...

Oh man, Leah. Sounds like a huge family mess. Keeping positive thoughs that things get easier for your dad.

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

I remember when my grandma refused to move into assisted living, and it was a big mess.  It took the entire family, her doctors, and a social worker to convince her.  But once she was in there she liked it.

I sympathise with what your family must be going through.

(Unrelated comment: I miss your photographs.  Are you going to post any more?)