Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Getting Closer to the Next Thing

Last night I found out that the company I interviewed with a week and half ago wants me to join their group. So hell to the hizzah on that one. I still have to find out about salary and benefits and whatnot as that is still a question. But they like me, so that's good and very exciting.

This morning I sent a full draft of my thesis to my adviser. That's right...full draft. Not a section here or there.

That's right. It's all coming to a close.

I didn't play tennis this morning because my Dad went to Florida with his sister to visit their Dad. I might play tonight with Jason though if the courts aren't too crowded. We are going to run for sure. This morning I'm going to work on helping a graduate student in Bloomington get some code to run in batch mode and then this afternoon my stepmom and I are going to go walk around the neighborhood that Jason and I want to move to and get a sense of where exactly we should want to live and were we for sure don't want to live. So that should be fun fun as it's a beautiful day in Chicago!

So yes. Oh...and only 30 days until the 3G iPhone is out!

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Dawnie said...

Awesome on all counts! Big congrats on the job offer - I hope the salary and such works out for you.