Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekend Review

A great/busy/crazy weekend. On the running front we were perfect for our weekend plans. On Saturday we did a nice easy 3 mile run around the neighborhood. After that we headed downtown to go to the Taste of Chicago. We of course had to keep buying tickets because the beer is so damn ticket heavy :-) We had a bum give us a little math puzzle and of course followed by, "If you are thinking of the number 4, and I think you are, maybe you have some tickets for me...?", so we gave him our last two tickets. From the Taste we walked to Burnham harbor and met up with the Dad and the Stepmom and their old Chicago sailing friends. From there we went back north to get our car, then drove home and hand a nice relaxing Saturday evening.

Sunday morning we got up early, I submitted the coding project I had been working on and then we dove over to the lakefront path to start our run. We did the full 9 miles even though neither of us were feeling it. Always nice to get through the runs where you don't feel so good, or more to the point not very motivated. I find it difficult to get pumped when there is no race in the future that we are training for. But either way we got through it. I don't know what's on the table for this week because we are going out of town for the holiday. I am going to try and do some runs around the lake at my Aunts house. It's nice and hilly over there so it might be more run/walking that pure running. Here's how our week ended up looking in my beautiful graph form:
After our run we headed down to Belmont/Broadway for the annual Gay Pride Parade. We ate breakfast at The Melrose diner and then to our Monsignor Murphy's, our old hangout. My Dad and Sue joined us as well as Jake and the lovely LaurA!. We had a good time as we do every year. I think everyone comes out of the woodwork for the parade and I always spend 5 minutes catching up with everyone that I haven't seen for a year.

This week should be one of the most relaxing in my life. I have *nothing* to do and so I taking the week of. I still have to write my dissertation defense talk although it's just about done and just needs to be updated a little.

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