Friday, June 06, 2008

Running...and Tennis?

I LOVE to play racquetball. Well I really started to love it when I stopped losing every game 15-2. It seems that racquetball has kind of gone away in popularity as it's been tough finding gyms that have nice courts. Jason and I played 2-3 times a week in graduate school and I contend it's one of the best cross training exercises you can do. Anyways, with my dad staying in Chicago he is staying right across the street from some tennis courts and so we thought we would try. We played the last two days. As I have only played racquetball for about 10 years, I tend to try and play tennis that way and get the ball all up in my kooaid. It was a bit too windy today though, but I think I'll get there. If any Chicago people know any racquetball courts let me know in the comments! Either at a gym or if there are courts that you could just use by the hour.

I have run about 16 miles since Monday. I KNOW!!!! I have run the last three days and then on Monday as well. Today was tough as I have been running after we "played" tennis and it was about 90 degrees and it was just tough. I didn't stop though so that's good. I'm going to take tomorrow off and then possibly Sunday as well as we have a pretty packed weekend.

Alright, well all is good here. Have a great weekend all!

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