Friday, June 13, 2008

Back to AM running!

This morning Jason and I got up at 5am with the intent to go play tennis. Actually we did that yesterday as well but someone (not me) said, "I'm just going to lay back down in bed and see what it would feel like to go back to sleep" :-). But this morning we were up and on it. Only to find drenched streets and sidewalks from storms during the night. We still headed to the courts thinking maybe they weren't too wet and we could play anyways. They were completely soaked and so we just went and ran instead. We went about 4.5 miles and I felt great. Farthest we went in awhile and pretty smooth sailing for all of it.

Yesterday my stepmom and I lucked out and got some not too pricey tickets to the Cubs game. They won in 11 innings after Reed Johnson got hit by a pitch with the bases loaded. That sent their home win streak to 11. It was awesome. They could do it this year. After the game Jason came over to the Dad/Stepmom apartment and we had some pizza, watched some Law and Order and then headed back to the good old Uki-Village.

I am still waiting to get some revisions back from my adviser. I have about a week left to finish my thesis as he will be gone a bike trip the last week of June and completely out of contact. My thesis is due July 1st though so I guess I'll get extra time to make corrections even if he can't take a last look at it. So since I haven't heard from him Sue (that's my stepmom) and I are going to go downtown and hangout. Tonight we are going to hang with Jake and LaurA! to celebrate the fact that I got a job and the thesis is coming to a close. We are going to go get yummy burgers at Blackies and then go see The Incredible Hulk. I saw a preview and noticed that Tony Stark (aka Ironman) has a role it it. It makes Jason wonder if there is going to be an Avengers movie on the way. So that should be fun. Tomorrow is the Wells Street Art Fair which we are going to with Sue's sister Andrea which should be fun.

So yeah, that's all from here. Go go fun times!

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