Monday, June 23, 2008

Good? No Great Weekend.

So here we got with our my usual weekend roundup!

On Friday I met up with Jason for lunch as I was back from the lab early enough to make that happen. I spent the afternoon hanging around downtown and just fucking enjoying being mostly done with my thesis, which is the culmination of six years of work. I finally broke down and bought myself a pair of nice sunglasses (they are seriously awesome, I think I could work for the CIA perhaps...and if there are any CIA people reading this I'm still available for any spy work that might be needed). Following my walk I met my dad and sue at a bar near Chicago Ave and then we walked to Jake Melnicks where we met up with Jake and the lovely LaurA! and Jason. A quick dinner there and then it was off to 600 N Michigan for opening night of Get Smart. It's so funny and we all highly recommend it. Ok, well I can't talk for everyone but I highly recommend it, and it's not just because I less than three Steve Carell.

Oh yeah and on Friday afternoon the Cubs won in highly dramtic fashion with a 9th inning walkoff homerun. The Cubs ended up kicking some White Sox ass all weekend, which of course this family loved.

On Saturday Jason and I came down to the 3600 apartment and went for a quick I would say about 2.5 mile run. We hung around here, watching the Cubs and chilling at the lakefront until about 5pm when we headed back to the west side for a relaxing evening in.

Sunday morning we woke up bright and early and headed down to the lakefront at Montrose to get our weekly long run in. These have been around 6 miles for awhile. That was the plan for Sunday but we just felt so damn good we decided to go an extra mile out meaning we ended up at 8 miles. It rained like crazy in the middle of our run which was actually ok because it was still really warm out. I love running in a summer rain storm. I wore my new sunglasses and while I have tried to run in sunglasses before but they always bounced all over the place or just annoyed me, these were just great. They didn't move at all or bounce or anything, so I'm deeming them a good purchase. Now I just have to not lose them.

So ok, nerd girl that I am has a lot of graphs to show you all. Hint need a GPS program....hire me to organize the output of the data! OK, so here we go. First off, the first two on the left are the same that I showed you last week. Simply showing what mileage we planned and what mileage we actually completed and then the total yearly mileage to date, week by week. The new one on the upper right is showing each week what the difference between the Actual Distance-Planned Distance is, granted this one is kind of stupid as there isn't a lot of data right now, but I think the idea of it is good as it's much easier to see how well week by week we are doing keeping above, equal or below our planned mileage (when the bar is above zero = good). Then the final one in the lower right hand corner is showing for each day of the last week how well we did for the planned daily mileage and what we did that day. You can see last week kind of was bad on that front as only one day actually matches up. Click on it to see all the graphs in full size.


Scott said...

Please have your people call my people about employment.
-Steven Jobs

Running Jayhawk said...

Sounds like you had a brilliant and relaxing weekend, darlin!!! :)

This post is worthless without pictures. We need to see the CIA rockstar spy glasses in action!