Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Late Night, Early Morning

Jason had a work function last night and so I hung out with my Dad and Sue until after the cubs game. I ended up picking Jason up at about 11:30 and we weren't in bed until about midnight. Finally got to sleep around 12:30 and up bright and early at 6:30.

For the rest of the week/weekend I am working on a little coding project, I can't have nothing to do you know. Heaven forbid I take a day off, but ah well I'd get bored anyways. Tonight we have 7 miles on the tap, but we won't be on the lakefront path and so I have to go back through all my old neighborhood routes and find a 7 mile loop.

Alright, well I gotta get back to work. Time it is a tickin' you know.

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