Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tennis, Running & Thesis

Yep. That's all I have been doing. I wish I could be all, "LOOK AT ALL THE FREAKIN' COOL THINGS I AM DOING!" But I'm not so much. My day is usually getting up early, driving to my Dad's apartment and having breakfast. Then my Dad and I go across the street and play tennis for about an hour. Then I go run. I started with just going three miles (it's hard to run after crossing training...and by cross training I mean, shagging tennis balls as I don't so much hit them back). I'm up to 4 miles though and feeling better. After tennis I work on my thesis getting those last few details in place. My Dad coached tennis back in the day and so he has some tips for me. I'm getting better for sure. We are going to do more with the coaching as we are going to get a bag of balls and do more repetitive forehand/backhand/serving type things. But either way I'm getting better.

The thesis is almost done. I have to find a *few* annoying details about things which is taking all the time. But as far as the sections they are all done and written and whatever which is exciting.

Oh yeah. And Jason and I are perhaps planning on getting in line early for the new iPhone. Yes. We are just that nerdy. But whatever, we would totally have one before those who chose to not wait in line...although those smart people will probably be able to walk into the Apple store later in the day and buy one, sans sleeping on the sidewalk on Michigan Ave. As Jason said, "There will be other people in line right? Because if not, then we aren't so much wacky as homeless".

That's all from here. Things are easing back into normal, I'm getting better and starting to actually like tennis, and I'm going to Doctor Leah soon enough!

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