Monday, June 16, 2008


Yes. I ran 19.5 miles last week. You know. That rounds up to 20. Hot Damn. The woman is getting her running groove back. Hopefully anyways.

I also played tennis four times last week. Starting this week I'm going to play a bit more, doing more training with my Dad rather than just hitting it around. Hopefully I can start to keep it in the court better. Maybe the plan will be to play tennis, take a break and then run with Jason when he gets home from work. This week is also the last week I have to work on my thesis. My adviser is going out of town for three weeks starting Saturday and my thesis is due on July 1st....aka right spot on in the middle of that...meaning that my thesis needs to be done by Saturday. Awesome. It's fine though, I don't think it will be a problem. SO I'll be back at the lab from about 6:30am-2:30pm or so starting tomorrow, then back to Dad's apartment for tennis, running and general fun :-).

So what the hell happened the past few months? Well the Achilles Disaster of 2008 happened. Then thesis work happened. Then severe panic attacks happened. No where in that did running happen. I had started keeping very good track of my mileage and the graphs just have a big sucky flat line in the middle of them:

But I'm getting there. The graphs are starting to turn back up and if you look carefully I ran 6 miles this morning. You know that's over 5! I know CRAZY. So I have a plan to get over 20 miles this week and of course I have started this during the busiest week of probably my life I am guessing, but cest la vie...I'm always fucking busy and running keeps me balanced so I have to try and not let that slip again. I think a lot of the problems that arose aside from being so stressed with work and trying to get a new job and blah blah blah was that I had stopped running. I didn't stop because I wanted to though but because of my Achilles and so now that seems to be better and so I'm going to try and go slowly this time. I made a mistake training for that half marathon as I wasn't ready for that kind of training because I went from zero straight into not necessarily high mileage but hard consistent work outs. And my old lady body apparently revolted. SO. Right. That's the analysis, hopefully that graph has more than 6 miles on it next week.

So ok, Happy Monday everyone. OH and congrats to everyone's favorite Kansas Fans Displaced in Chicago (:-)) for getting through their HIM. Well....yes I know, the weather didn't allow them to finish, but they were almost done with the course and they both were on the run portion of the race and so they got through those horrible sounding hills on the bike course (and of course the swim which when I think about I want to throw up a lot in my mouth). Congrats Kids.


Scott said...

Great to see your running graphs turning up! Keep a going.

Nicole said...

Rock on! :p

Running Jayhawk said...

You're too funny.

Your graphs are hott though. Yes. Hott with 2 T's.

We must get together to play next week!

LeahC said...

running jayhawk...thanks darlin' and yes, we must go out soon to celebrate. i want to wait until the thesis is officially out of my hands!