Sunday, September 23, 2007

You have GOT to be kidding me!!!!

The Cubbies are looking like they are going to the playoffs.

Jason, my Dad, my stepmpm and I got tickets online for the NLDS home game 1.....standing room only....but whatever it's a ticket into the ballpark.

The Cubs won again today...the Brewers lost again (sorry Bob!) and so we are up 3.5 games. Looking good...when is that game going to be that we have ticekts to?

How about....FUCKING OCTOBER 6TH. Are you kidding me. ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME!?!?! Not only am I not going to the game, but I'll probably be in bed before the game ends to get enough sleep before the race the next morning. I have never been to a playoff game. In 2003 we were in Bloomington.

THEN if they win the first series...and go to the National League championship....the games start on the 11th and end on the 21st or something. The four of us leave Chicago on the 11th for Bloomington and his thesis we'll be there for the start.....THEN on the 13th Jason and I go to Germany....So we'll miss ALL the Chicago games in Chicago....damn. But.....we'll be here for the World Series if needed :-)

Oh and we ran today. 16 miles...felt "eh". Went too late and it was warm out and the Fleet Feet Gatorade stands were alread down. You know what's gross...The Accelerade's all we had in the house and I choked most of it down but YUCK. Alright. Well that's it.

Go you Cubbies!!!!!


Running Jayhawk said...

How the hell were you able to get tickets?! Mike waited online ALL DAY and we never got through.


Regardless...I AM SO EXCITED THAT YOU'RE GOING!!!!!!!!! How flipping awesome! :)

Running Jayhawk said...

I would like to formally retract said previous comment...and no worries, I have already banged my head against the doorframe about a dozen times in stupidity...