Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Like Dawn...What Should I not do....

Oh have a cup of coffee at about 9pm.

Then I'm twiddling my thumbs, watching a movie, opening new circuits on Mario Kart....and then it's 1:30am....still looking at the clock and double checking that yes in fact the alarm is set for 6am.

I am turning in my analysis to the group today and I'm all nervous about it.

No running yesterday and such a light week this week. Today being the toughest at 8miles with 5x600m, but we are pros at this workout so shouldn't be a problem.

Getting. Antsy. About. Race. Day.

Good post huh? Alright, that's all from here. Keep on enjoying the taper everyone.


mouse said...

I can't wait until that first week in october when you're going crazy from the taper and you're all "crazy spazzed out leah". :)

i'm sure it drives jason crazy, but to us innocent bystanders it's quite amusing. :)

LeahC said...


you know who else I bet it drive crazy? My advisor who got a nastyish email that I still regret the friday before the race last year when I was all freaking out about the weather. So to my advisor...if you ever read this...I'm still sorry...and maybe i'll be calmer this year :-)

Firefly's Running said...

Relax, Leah, relax! Enjoy the taper! Embrace the taper!

Focus on RACE DAY and kick ASS! :D

Juls said...

Yes, now it is *I* who is freaking out about the weather. October here we come.