Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Are We Still Sweating in Chicago?

Jesus H. Christ...what is going on with this weather. Why is it still 90 f'in degrees on September 4th and today we have a high of 90 degrees. However, looking at relief is on the way with the next 10 days all having a high in the 70s. That's the nice fall weather that we all cherish.

So we had this V02 Max workout last night : 8 miles with 5x600m @ 5K pace with 90s recovery inbetween. I don't know why whenever we run down to the track we feel like crap. It's hot, our legs hurt blah blah blah. No change with that yesterday but I had the added benefit of a super sore stomach. I didn't know if I was hungry or having bigger problems.

We did our first 600m repeat and I realized I was having much bigger problems. I quickly jogged over to the field house that is next to the track and beelined for the bathroom. Not good what happened in there....ANYWAYS, I came back out and finished up the splits and to my surprise they all went really well, taking a few seconds off from when we did this 2 weeks ago. Also we stuck mainly to the 90s recovery aside from inbetween the first and second when I was in the bathroom. The splits were :
  1. 2:33
  2. 2:38
  3. 2:37
  4. 2:38
  5. 2:35
Nice consistency throughout the splits. We did our usual run back to Ogden and Chicago and stopped in the CVS for some food and Gatorade. Since we smelled super awesome we decided to walk home from there.

I am looking forward to some relief from this weather and that looks like it'll be here tomorrow.

Jason and I have decided to do the next two runs at Fermilab because we realized it was probably the last time we would run here. Jason starts the new job on Monday and there won't be any reason for us to run here anymore. We have a a nice 11 mile run today that will take us all around the campus and then Friday we have a 4 miles run with strides that we run around the ring. One last ring run for this fearless duo.

These times they are a changin'. It's going to be fast, too, like a ripping off a bandaid. We aren't easing into the change by any means. It's going to 1-2-3 your life is the opposite of what is has been for the past 5 years. Yowza. Exciting though!


Lana said...

Change is good! Congrats to Jason and his new job!

Nice job on the V02Max splits...I haven't gotten to those workouts yet, in my plan.

Bob said...

The heat destroyed me last night, but it was the heat I swear. :-)