Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I thought we were done with the shitty hot weather? Of course it gets all heated up again when it's time for Jason and I to V02 Max. On the way home I saw a temperature on a bank sign of 87 degrees. Awesome.

The run went fine actually. I think we both started to get affected by just how tired we were from our 4 hours of sleep the night before. But all the same 5x600m :
  1. 2:33
  2. 2:32
  3. 2:38
  4. 2:37
  5. 2:34
So probably started off a bit too fast...but whatever, it's done. We ran back to Noble and Chicago where my dad was waiting to pick us up. Jason and I owe my Dad and stepmom and big thank you. They are staying with us while they are in town and have been able to help us with workouts, (meeting us at the end with Gatorades and driving us home) and Sue has made us dinner most nights which is nice. With all the stuff that has been happening with Jason finishing his thesis and starting a new job and me finishing my analysis and trying to make it through the last few weeks of marathon training, it's been great having the extra support. So thanks you guys.

Speaking of my analysis, it has been handed into the group. Very exciting.

Tonight it's a 5 mile recovery...Friday it's a 4 mile recovery....where the hell is my weekly 11 miler? Gone Gone Gone.

Busy weekend ahead with dinner in Chinatown on Thursday, a girls only family sleepover on Friday, a Cubs game on Saturday (don't even want to talk about last night)....then Monday is my birthday. I'll be 28. What. That's closer to 30 than to 25. Boo. But we are going to go out to dinner at Wildfire which will make the extra year totally worth it.

Jason is really liking his job so far. He said that the guys he work with are all really nice and funny. He's learning a ton and quickly as he already has deadlines and todo lists. So good for him on that.


Firefly's Running said...

Awesome job, you two. The heat was brutal last night. Not fun running weather - ick!

Sailor Sue said...

Hey Kids,
We're having a great time hanging out with you in the big city. Thanks for putting us up....and putting up with us (haha). Hey, what's for dinner tonight?

Cassie said...

One of my co-workers forwarded me this awesome trailer for a documentary called The Spirit of the Marathon. It will actually be at The 2007 Chicago International Film Festival on October 5, 2 days before LBCM. Anyhow, it's pretty incredible...